Pattaya travel and tourist guide

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A fun playground for everyone in the family, Pattaya is an easy-going, lively beach resort getaway located within a short drive from Bangkok. Known for its wide range of water sports, spine-tingling activities, various attractions and an army of nightlife venues, Pattaya is haven for fun-loving holidaymakers from around the world.

Only 90 minutes east of Bangkok by car, this thriving city boasts excellent infrastructure for tourists and was Thailand’s original resort town after becoming popular as an R&R venue for GIs in the Vietnam War. Hotels are aplenty, while thousands of restaurants ensure that no one will go hungry. But it’s the nightlife which draws the crowds now, with a magnificent array of pubs, clubs and discos as well as go-go bars. But it’s the latter which dominate the Pattaya nightlife scene, injecting excitement and vibrancy into any Pattaya clubbing experience.

Tourist attractions here are often dismissed and ignored as party-goers stay indoors to cure their hangovers. But if time permits, there are a few worthwhile tourist attractions to visit…more

Pattaya is all about activities, dodgy or otherwise. Check out some of the most rip-roaring things to do in Pattaya on offer and take your pick from our recommended providers…more

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Eat & Party
Eating in your hotel room and going to bed at 21:00? Not a chance! Find out what’s hot and hopping in Pattaya’s dining and partying scenes. There’s something for everyone here…more

Pattaya guide – beach life and go go fun close to Bangkok

Pattaya is also a good connecting point to visit other nearby towns and islands. It’s only an hour away from Rayong, where you can admire pristine secluded beaches, idyllic sceneries and take part in fun shopping. Local buses provide services to Trat, where the renowned Koh Chang is located. If you have a car, drive out to Sattahip, a relaxing naval town with several royal boats to gawk at.

There are countless things to do in Pattaya, and you might have to stay here for a week or two in order to try all these hearty activities. Golf is particularly attractive with more than a dozen courses to choose from, and there are some nice offshore islands with azure tropical waters and white sand.

Parasailing, jet skiing or screaming your head off on a banana boat are among hundreds of things you can enjoy. The thrill-seeking lot cannot miss Pattaya’s bungy jumping, go-karting or motor-racing, while the fainted-hearted can always attend cooking or yoga classes.

Although Pattaya has somewhat of a reputation of sleaze, and certainly does attract male punters with its many ‘available’ women, lately it has become a popular tourist destination for Eastern Europeans. Some come specifically for the naughty nightlife, others retire comfortably here, while many find this a suitable beach holiday venue if they’re not too fussy about overdevelopment.

A thorough guide of Pattaya can be found on our partner site 1stopPattaya which features detailed information and tidbits on how to spend the best of your time in Pattaya. It has many more details on the naughty nightlife, beaches and retirement in Pattaya.

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