Bua Tong Blossom Festival 2018 in Mae Hong Son

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Story & Photos by: TAT News

November 1 – December 10

The Bua Tong Blossom Festival 2018 in Mae Hong Son is scheduled to take place from 1 November to 10 December. This is a period when one of Thailand’s most amazing natural sights, the Dok Bua Tong – or wild sunflower – in bloom, will return to the hills and valleys of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand.

The Bua Tong flowers are yellow to orange in colour and have smaller size than the typical sunflower. Originated in Central America and the Caribbean, Dok Bua Tong is said to have been brought into Thailand by Christian missionaries and was previously called Bung Tong or Mexican Sunflower.

The Bua Tong flower only blooms from November to December. During this period, the hills and valleys of Mae Hong Son turn to bright gold when these wild sunflowers come into full bloom.

The Doi Mae U-Kor mountain peak in Khun Yuam district is considered the largest and the most beautiful location to enjoy the spectacular bright yellow Bua Tong hills and valleys.

During the festival, there’s also a local fair selling arts and crafts as well as farm fresh products along the route of the Bua Tong fields.

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