Thailand medical tourism

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Medical tourism Thailand is hugely popular with foreigners, mainly because of the relatively cheap prices offered by even the most accomplished hospitals, but also because of the scope for travel in Thailand. Thailand’s best hospitals and clinics have highly experienced English-speaking physicians able to perform cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, LASIK eye surgery and complicated coronary surgery to very high standards.

Furthermore, many appreciate visiting Thailand for medical tourism since it offers so much beyond the hospitals, with excellent hospitality, plenty of culture, world renown cuisine and the famous Thai smile. Those who are recovering from medical procedures are treated to first class service with out the five-star bill, and can relax on one of the many lovely islands or in an exclusive hideaway in the mountainous north.

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Cosmetic surgery
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Eye surgery
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Guide to medical tourism in Thailand

Over the past decade the country has become a world leader in medical tourism, since Thailand is noted for its high standard in hospitals, skilled and discerning staff plus, of course, the price. 

Medical tourism in Thailand is centred predominantly in Bangkok but clinics and hospitals in other popular centres such as Chiang Mai and Phuket also offer professional services, complex surgery and simple health checks that can effortlessly be slotted into your general vacation. For example the dentists of Chiang Mai do a roaring trade on teeth whitening and check ups, while also fitting many crowns and dentures to those who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

Thailand’s surgeons are also noted for offering very skilled cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, even sex changes at much reduced costs yet highly praised for the successful outcome. Litigation issues are generally fewer than expected.