Krabi restaurant and bar guide guide

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When the sun goes down, dining and laidback nightlife with seats from the restaurants appearing along the beachfront is very much part of the Krabi experience.

No better place for lunch than the beach

The seafood is superb and you’ll find plenty of excellent options for trying Thailand’s world–famous cuisine, in addition to favourite dishes from abroad. There’s an easy–going atmosphere around Krabi’s popular bars which makes for comfortable and fun–filled evenings.

Wining and dining

Krabi is similar to the rest of Thailand in that food takes centre stage, both in terms of quality and presentation. Restaurants and eateries of all kinds are abundant, from the five–star deluxe hotel dining rooms to seafood restaurants popular with the locals. There are also lots of simple noodle shops which are found everywhere.

Dishes that originated in the area include typical southern Thai curries such as panang, which is a mild but flavourful red curry often made with pork, and massaman, a Malay–influenced yellow curry with potatoes and chicken. As you would imagine, seafood is a speciality in Krabi, and you’ll often see what’s available displayed alive outside the restaurant.

Eating is particularly good value, with a typical local restaurant charging from less than 100 baht to several hundred baht per dish, with foreign dishes being at the upper end of the price range. Prices are higher in venues that are mostly frequented by tourists or hotels.

If you’re interested in trying out places that have more of a ‘local’ feel, look for the ‘Good Taste Clean Food’ hygiene inspection stamp of approval, to be on the safe side. To have a look at some of the many delicious options that are in store for you, visit our section on Thai food.

You’ll be amazed at the quality and the affordable prices of the food on offer at a typical Krabi restaurant. To have a look at some recommended eateries, visit our main page on Krabi restaurants.

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Krabi bar and nightlife scene

Overall, nightlife in Krabi is low-key when compared to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, and is centred in one area of Ao Nang that features a number of restaurants and bars. Krabi Town itself is a small community with options that cater mostly to locals. Most of the bars are well–stocked and feature local drink specialities as well as imported beers and cocktails that are popular worldwide. See our recommended bars in Krabi.

Ao Nang’s bar and restaurant area stretches along a kilometre of road on the beachfront and gets lively after the sun goes down, with most venues staying open well past midnight. You won’t find any real discos, with this area having more of a family orientation. However, as always in all entertainment and tourist areas of Thailand, there are some ‘girlie’ bars tucked away on the side streets, thankfully out of view.

Some of the bars feature live music or sports programmes on TV, while others are quieter and good for having a chat with other tourists. At times, a few bands perform in the area, but Krabi is really too small to support the cost of groups that play music preferred by Western visitors.

If you’ve chosen one of the more remote resorts for your holiday, such as those on Railay Beach, the evenings are likely to be pretty quiet. In other areas though, like Koh Lanta, you never have to walk very far to find a place to chat with people over a drink or two. See our nightlife recommendations in Krabi.