Koh Samet tourist and travel guide

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Known for having the whitest beach sand in Thailand, Samet is a quaint little island in the Gulf of Thailand, just south of Pattaya. Only three hours from Bangkok, but with a real island atmosphere, it’s a popular weekend destination for Bangkokians. Mid-week it can be an idyllic unsophisticated and uncrowded place, while it becomes a bit of a beach party venue on weekends.

Samet is designated as a national park, therefore development on the island has largely been kept in check, despite being popular on weekends. Most accommodation is the bungalow and beach villa variety that retains the island’s natural beauty. There are few roads, no highrises, nor noisy tuk tuks and irritating girlie bars.

Rustic bungalows on the beach or upmarket villas, all tastefully blending into a natural beach environment. There are plenty of hotels and resorts on Koh Samet for all tates and budgets…more
Lovely white sand, uncrowded coves and private little bays, Samet’s beaches have a nice laidback character and offer a true taste of paradise for those looking for pure relaxation…more
Restaurants & Bars
A beach party on weekends or quieter escape during the week, Samet offers a nice balanced selection of bars and eateries for all tastes. Check out our recommended listings right here…more

There’s only one way onto the island – ferry. And a direct three hour bus ride from Bangkok will get you to the port and all the fresh sea air and relaxation you can possibly desire…more

Koh Samet guide – Thailand’s whitest sand

This particular island also receives a lot of Thai visitors, diluting the overly touristy character. But because of its proximity to Bangkok and demand over busy periods, it tends to be a little more expensive than you’d expect for what it has to offer.

With a low, dry inland, the island has little else to enjoy than lovely beaches, watersports, and a rustic atmosphere. It’s ideal if you haven’t enough time to visit the bigger islands, but perhaps not for busy people who want lots to keep them occupied.

Children can have a great time on Koh Samet, but don’t expect kids clubs and water parks. Playing in the sand and diving into the clean blue ocean are what to experience here, but there are also good opportunities for snorkelling and exploring the diverse marine life of the Thai Gulf.