Koh Lanta travel and tourist guide

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Koh Lanta is situated around 70kms off the southern coast of Krabi, on the eastern side of Phang Nga Bay. It’s the ideal hideaway for escaping the mass tourism found elswhere on the Andaman and, although it does get busy in high season, you can expect your resort to have its own uncrowded beach for the whole family to enjoy.

A significant part of Koh Lanta is still covered by an unspoilt and untouched rainforest, and is far less developed than Phuket or Krabi’s Ao Nang. If you’re looking for a place where lying on the sand and seldom leaving your resort with few disturbances is the way of things, then this is it. With its stunning beaches, unparalleled diving, luxurious resorts and spectacular scenery, Koh Lanta is the perfect getaway, particularly for families.

Attractions & Activities
Explore undisturbed rainforest, find your own secluded beach in the south or experience some of the best diving in Thailand. You can do as much or as little as you like in Koh Lanta…more
twin-lotus-resort-spa s
Stay at some of the most luxurious and idyllically-set resorts in Thailand, or find yourself in your own bungalow right on the beach for just the price of an evening meal…more
Restaurants & Bars
Enjoy freshly caught seafood in stunning locations or set your taste buds on fire with spicy southern Thai cuisine. Prices here are much cheaper than Phuket but the quality is first rate…more
Krabi ferries
A 12-hour bus or 90 mins flght from Bangkok brings you to the scenic island of Koh Lanta, but minivans cross over the short journey from the mainland…more

Koh Lanta guide

On the west side of Koh Lanta, stretching for 25kms, are nine magnificent white powder beaches with crystal clear waters. The more developed areas of the island can be found in the north, around the bays of Klong Dao and Phra Ae. Most of Koh Lanta’s resorts and tourist services can be found near these beaches, although even at the height of peak season these areas are never seriously crowded.

Heading south you will find that the beaches become more secluded and some may be completely deserted. There are some basic amenities available for tourists, such as ATMs and tour offices, but Koh Lanta is less developed the nearer you get to the national marine park in the south. Some resorts have exclusive use of the beaches in their private bays, while the lengthier beaches near the north provide you with a bit more company and a choice of restaurants and bars.

The main tourist office on Koh Lanta is found at Baan Saladan, the point of disembarkation for most visitors to the island. Here you’ll find banks, medical services plus dive operators and shops. The main post office is located in the southeast corner of Koh Lanta, in the beautiful Baan Koh Lanta old town.

Most of the beaches on Koh Lanta have golden sand and are perfect for swimming and scuba trips. The island is a diving or snorkelling-lover’s paradise with its rich waters, coral reefs, limestone rock outcrops, varied coral reefs, seamounts, pinnacles, undersea caverns, tunnels and sunken ships. The water temperature around Koh Lanta remains warm all year.

Koh Lanta is the sort of island you come to relax on and enjoy the natural environment. There are no raucous bars full of go go girls, no tuk-tuks endlessly hustling for business, and you won’t find souvenir shops or tour guides on every corner. At the height of the season, the most popular resorts might be full but there is room for everyone here. You’re also not confronted with a bewildering choice of activities to empty your wallet, and can simply relax on the beach, go on a late afternoon walk in the national park or arrange an early morning dive.