Transportation to Koh Chang

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Ferry - Koh Chang
Ferry to Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the second largest of Thailand’s islands, its transportation infrastructure is still relatively undeveloped in comparison to other facilities available for tourists. The island has no airport, so access is via ferry only. There is an airport in Trat, from where you catch a ferry from the mainland, with a couple of non-budget flights a day from Bangkok.

Once on the island, options are fairly limited for getting around, with rental motorbikes or overpriced songthaew taxis being the only choices. The road along the westcoast is also steep and windy, discouraging excessive traffic. See our comprehensive Koh Chang transportation guide.

Flying to Koh Chang

Koh Chang has no airport of its own, but you can fly to Trat Airport with Bangkok Airways. International visitors are obliged to fly into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport first.

The capital’s chief air facility maintains connections with a large number of Asian destinations as well as major European and North American cities.

Although Trat Airport is a fairly new facility, there isn’t much on offer at the airport other than a simple terminal with a few conveniences onsite and the usual scramble of taxi drivers outside.

Since flights are not good value (at approximately 5,000 baht return), this route is not popularly used, although those who want to avoid the five-hour drive or bus ride can take the Bangkok Airways flight, departing Suvarnabhumi at 08:45 and 17:05. One hour flight time.

See our comprehensive guides to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Trat Airport.

Ferry transportation to Koh Chang

Trat province has three piers serving ferry crossings to Koh Chang, all of which are located in Laem Ngob. From Trat town centre (municipal market), access to the piers is by songthaew (pick-up truck), with vehicles running regularly throughout the day. Once at the pier, there are various places from which to buy ferry tickets for the 45-minute crossing to the eastern side of the island. A car ferry also operates, with the journey taking about an hour. Songthaew taxis wait for ferries to arrive, though you’ll be expect to pay the inflated cost for the whole vehicle if few people alight and none are going to the same beach area. See Koh Chang ferry timetables.

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Public transportation on Koh Chang

The closed-top pick-ups known as songthaews serve the island’s main road throughout the day. Fares are usually a fixed price for short to mid-distance destinations, but may be higher for longer journeys. Due to the roller-coaster terrain of the road, journeys to the remoter southern beaches are more expensive though they will hardly dent your pocket. More on Koh Chang taxis.

Bike and car hire on Koh Chang

Both motorbike and car hire are available on Koh Chang however visitors are advised that some parts of the island’s road are still poorly developed and the roads treacherously steep. Nevertheless, it is worth hiring a vehicle to explore the island. Independent businesses offer rental vehicles, but most visitors staying at reputable resorts opt to avail themselves of the services offered at their hotel or choose to pre-book a car online in advance.