Restaurants, bars and nightlife on Koh Chang

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Fresh seafood dinner on the beach

Upmarket restaurants are predominantly situated in the reputable resorts, and are generally considered the best places to enjoy fine dining. Such establishments are available to residents and non-residents alike, and prices are accordingly high. A selection of other Koh Chang restuarants of varying standards can be found across the main developments with standards generally high, especially if it’s seafood that you are ordering.

Koh Chang nightlife is relatively limited, still appealing largely to the backpacker crowd with plenty of beach bars offering cheap drinks and a bohemian ambience. For those staying at the quality resorts, there are Koh Chang bars available onsite, but the scene is relatively sedate with few opportunities for hedonistic activity.

Recommended Koh Chang restaurants

White Sand Beach perhaps has the greatest selection of restaurants, although all of the developed areas have their fair share of decent eateries. More on White Sands beach restaurants and bars.

Che Eiw Seafood: conveniently close to the ferry pier at Sapparos Bay, this popular eatery serves Thai seafood dishes as well as a selection of Western fare. Sapparos Bay, tel: (039) 555 042. 

Danmai Seafood Restaurant: tasty locally caught seafood is prepared in the traditional Thai way at this reputable joint in the northeast of the island. Open: 09:00-23:00; tel: 086 157 1026. 

Hell’s Kitchen: Thai and Swedish cuisine at this expat-owned establishment located at Logan’s Place. White Sand Beach, tel: (039) 551 451.

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White Sand Beach Restaurant: located right on the sand, this is the ideal place to enjoy a drink and watch the sunset before tucking into a quality meal. Thai and European food is available. White Sand Beach.

Lek Bar: a favourite among backpackers, this hangout serves the usual Thai dishes as well as great pancakes, fruit salads, shakes and Western dishes. Kai Bae Beach, tel: 089 208 1049. 

Spa Koh Chang Restaurant: Thai vegetarian food of a high standard aimed at discerning and health-conscious visitors. 15/4 Moo 4, east coast.

Yen Sabay Restaurant: a comfortable and laidback atmosphere is complemented by great Thai food, with the evening beach barbecue a favourite for those with big appetites. Klong Prao Beach.

Cookies Restaurantbelonging to the Cookies Hotel, this is a good place to sample quality seafood at reasonable prices. 7/2 Moo 4, White Sand Beach, tel: (039) 551 107.

Nok Noi Seafood: a full range of fish and crustacean dishes prepared with mouthwatering Thai sauces and dressings. Bang Bao.

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Bars and nightlife in Koh Chang

Older tourists or those looking for quiet and civilised nightlife are wise to stick to the bars in the resorts, where clientele of similar minds are likely to congregate.

For the younger generation, and especially those of the backpacker fraternity, there are myriad beach bars where it’s possible to enjoy a few beers or ‘buckets’ (a small pale filled with Coke, Red Bull and Thai whisky) while listening to reggae, hip hop or contemporary electronic music and watching the obligatory fire juggling acts.

KC Bar and Jungle Queen on White Sand Beach, Porn Bar on Kai Bae Beach and a number of venues at Lonely Beach are among the most popular spots. Sabay Bar at White Sand Beach is slightly more mainstream and although you’ll still find fire-twirlers, there’s definitely more shirts and slacks than vests and dreadlocks here. ONE is Koh Chang’s only club. More on Lonely Beach restaurants and bars.

For those preferring something altogether less bohemian, Paddy’s Palm Irish Pub (9/22 3-4-5 Moo 4, White Sand Beach, tel: (039) 619 085), also at White Sand, is an expat-owned bar offering the ever popular theme of the Emerald Isle.

Plenty of budget Koh Chang guesthouses show movies in the evening as cheap entertainment for the backpacking crowd. Guests and non-guests are welcome to watch for free although it’s generally accepted that you should buy some food or drink while you enjoy the spectacle. More on Koh Chang entertainment.