Kanchanaburi hotels and lodging guide

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Bamboo House
Bamboo House Kanchanaburi

Accommodation in Kanchanaburi consists of two distinctive categories. There are plush remotely-situated riverside resorts ranging in price from 1,500 baht a night, and also low-end backpacker guesthouses situated mostly on River Kwai Road by riverbank. There are a few mid-budget or boutique-style guesthouses in this area too.

There is plenty of choice with the majority of Kanchanaburi guesthouses located along Mae Naam Kwai and the quieter Rong Hip Oi Roads near the Kanchanburi Allied War Cemetery. This is convenient for those on foot or with backpacks. However, for more comfort and exclusivity book into one of the lovely resorts upstream across the river and away from the floating discos.

Guesthouses in Kanchanaburi

Sam’s House Guesthouse: is one of three by this name (including Sam’s Place and Sam’s River Raft) and the nicest of the lot with wooden bungalows set over a small river estuary full of pretty lilies and lotus plants. It’s popular and has a nice atmosphere…more details and booking

Ploy Resort: a smart boutique lodge on the riverfront with comfortable new rooms and nice Zen-like décor. One of the few guesthouses available for those with a bit more to spend, rooms with a/c and full service. 79/2 Mae Nam Kwae Rd., Muang, Kanchanaburi. Tel: (034) 514 437.

Bamboo Housethis peaceful option is a little bit away from the main Kanchanaburi backpacker strip, north of the famous bridge. It has slightly more comfortable bamboo bungalows and a low-key friendly atmosphere…more details and booking

Apple Retreat & Guesthouse: is a neat and better quality place more suited to flashpackers with a little more cash. It has comfortable bungalow rooms and a good restaurant. It’s not on the river, but it has pretty gardens and is easy to find. 153/4 Moo 4, Sutjai Bridge, Thamakham, Muang, Kanchanaburi. Tel: (034) 512 017.

VN Guesthouse: The guesthouse offers air-conditioned accommodation and fan rooms as well as rooms on the raft for a reasonable price nearby the River Kwai and the River Kwai Bridge…more details and booking

There are many more guesthouses along this strip as well as the quaint Rong Hip Oi lane along the river, off River Kwai road (southern end). If you arrive early (before midday) or in the off season, it’s a good idea to look around as the level of comfort and atmosphere varies quite a bit and it’s worth the effort to find a suitable place.