Guide to Ayutthaya transportation

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Krabi busesAyutthaya is easy to get to even though it doesn’t have an airport, being close enough to Bangkok to make use of the capital’s air, road and rail transport links. Buses and trains are popular for getting to the ruined city and are cheap, while Highways 1 and 32 lead directly from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. You can also stop off here on your journey north or connect easily with Kanchanaburi.

Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports

Bangkok’s new international airport is on the southeast side of Bangkok, making it a two-hour drive to Ayutthaya. However the old Don Muang Airport which services domestic flights is within an hour of Ayutthaya. Both airports are large and modern with all travellers’needs catered for. From the airport, passengers can take a taxi directly to Ayutthaya, an expensive option, or alternatively transfer to the Northern Bus Terminal (Mor Chit) for a coach connection. It is also possible to drive to Ayutthaya from the airport, with car hire agents well represented. More on Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Ayutthaya car transportation

The four–lane Highway 1 and Highway 32 connect Ayuthaya with Bangkok, with the journey taking around an hour if the traffic out of Bangkok isn’t too heavy. Although Suvarnabhumi International Airport is to the southeast of Bangkok, driving from here to Ayutthaya direct is fairly straightforward as long as you ensure you make use of the elevated expressways to avoid the worst of the Bangkok traffic.

A taxi might agree to take you here for a reasonable fee (about US$40) if there are not many people waiting and you bargain well.

A taxi might agree to take you here for a reasonable fee (about US$40) if there are not many people waiting and you bargain well.

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Bus transportation to Ayutthaya

Buses leave every 20 minutes from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Mor Chit) direct to Ayutthaya and take around one hour. Although not far from Bangkok, the capital’s traffic is bad at any time of day and buses stop frequently. First class air–con buses cost 50 baht, while second class buses are 40 baht. Those coming from Kanchanaburi will have to route through Suphanburi, although guesthouses and local tour agents can arrange you a seat on a comfortable direct minibus, which cover the journey twice-a-day in both directions.

The main bus station in Ayutthaya is near Chao Phrom Market on the south side of Naresuan Road, although some first class buses to Bangkok leave from the north side, farther west. Those coming from and going to the north will need to use the eastern bus station.

Minibuses to Ayutthaya run from the Victory Monument square in Bangkok and take about an hour. They are more expensive than regular buses but are faster and they don’t stop to pick up passengers en–route. Many guesthouses and tour operators in Ayutthaya sell tickets for Bangkok–bound minibuses.

Train transportation to Ayutthaya

One of the best and cheapest ways to get to Ayutthaya is by train. Services leave from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Station throughout the day, taking around 90 minutes. Second class tickets, which can be pre-booked, cost 35 baht, while third class is 20 baht, or less from Don Muang. The train station in Ayutthaya is just outside the central island, over the moat, and is connected by river ferry (two baht), though there are always tuk—tuks waiting to take tourists to their hotels.

Boat transportation to Ayutthaya

You can also get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok by cruise boat. The downsides of going by boat is the time taken (a whole day), the cost and the fact that there are no scheduled services – tourists need to book in advance. Stops are at Ko Kret and Bang Pa-In, and overnight tours are available.

Usually people only use this option as a privately arranged tour, and an overnight trip to Ayutthaya on an old teak barge is a charming and luxury experience

Public transportation in Ayutthaya

The chief transport option for getting around Ayutthaya is tuk–tuk. Ayuthaya’s bizarre tuk–tuk are bigger than the Bangkok variety and have side–facing seats to fit in more people. Tuk–tuks also provide transport to and from the train station, or you may prefer to get around by motorbike taxi for about 20 baht a journey within the old city.

Bike and car hire in Ayutthaya: Most guesthouses have bicycles for hire and this is undoubtedly the best and cheapest way to get around the city and all of its sites. As nearly everything is enclosed by a moat and the city is flat, getting about this way is a cinch. Be sure to obtain a free map and make sure essential nuts and bolts are tight!

You can also find rental motorbikes at most guesthouses and this is a much better option for getting about if you plan on seeing more of Ayutthaya or are perhaps not so fit. Cars can also be booked online, although having one is not really necessary unless you are travelling as a family or group.