Restaurants, bars and nightlife in Ayutthaya

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RestaurantAyutthaya is not especially known for its gourmet dining as it largely caters for backpackers and the tour bus crowd moving through. However, there is some quality yet inexpensive eats to be had in the area.

Most Ayutthaya restaurants are well within reach of the accommodation areas, particularly along the main thoroughfare of Naresuan Road. Here you will find everything from traditional Thai and barbecue to vegetarian, fast food and market stall fare. The best thing is the majority of the town’s hotels and guesthouses are within only a few minutes walk of most eateries. If you insist on a Western menu, stick to the hotel restaurants in Ayutthaya.

The following is a selection of restaurants we suggest, although plenty more are available if you wander around.

Recommended Ayutthaya restaurants

Ayutthaya restaurants are spread throughout the newer part of the city, although you won’t have to go far to find one. Most tourists eat at the various soi (lane) Torgorsor restaurants and along Naresuan Road.

Boat Noodle: offers a simple dish of noodles and soup with meat and vegetables, which is served in a small bowl. The original Boat Noodle was actually cooked on a boat. At around 20 baht per bowl, Boat Noodle is the cheapest eat in Ayutthaya. Located in front of the telephone authority (TOT) building. $

Siam Restaurant: although the Thai and Vietnamese food is not spectacular here, the location is arguably the best in the city with views of Wat Mahathat. Air conditioning and squeaky clean toilets add to the tourist-friendly ambience. Chee Kun Road. $$

Tony’s Place: has perhaps the best value menu of all Ayutthaya restaurants and is also a very popular backpacker hangout for everyone. The smart restaurant serves well–priced Thai and Western fare and also has a bar on the premises. 12/18 Soi.8 Nareasuan Road, Ho Rattanachai, Pranakorn Sri Ayutthaya, website: $

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Vegetarian Restaurant: is popular with backpackers and boast more than half-a-dozen different meals on offer. Open from 14:00. Khlong Makham Rieng Road just south of Naresuan Road. $

Ayuthaya Hotel: offers excellent value Thai and Western food in a quality venue. The lunch buffet from 11:00 to 14:00 is particularly recommended. By Amiporn store on Naresuan Road, Tel: (035) 232 855. $$

Rim Nan Tela Pan: is a very popular Thai/seafood restaurant with locals and has a fine location with outdoor seating overlooking the river. On U Thong Road, near the police station. $$.

Mookata: all–you–can–eat, cook–it–yourself Thai barbeque for 69 baht, open in the evenings. Naresuan Road. $

Fast food: those hankering for burgers, fries and other niceties will be pleased to know that McDonald’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen and Swensen’s have also turned up in Ayuthaya along Naresuan road. $$

Night stalls: you’ll find these congregated along Naresuan Road in the evening, the pick of the bunch being around the Bangkok Bank branch. Several inexpensive dishes can be had. $

Night Market: offers delicious Thai dishes and desserts and some stalls have English signs. The market is located along the river in the northeast of town near the pier. $

Budget rating
$ dishes b30 – b70; quart of beer b70; whiskey shot 80 baht; cocktails b100
$$ dishes b70 – b120; quart of beer b100; whiskey shot 100 baht; cocktails b120 
$$$ dishes b100 – 250; quart of beer b120; whiskey shot 130 baht; cocktails b150

Bars and nightlife in Ayutthaya

Avoid coming to Ayutthaya specifically to drink as it is predominantly a sightseer’s town as opposed to an entertainment den. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to find a place to enjoy a few cool beers as there are several decent bars in Ayutthaya, but head to Bangkok if you’re after girls.

The best of these are undoubtedly located along soi Torgorsor, where the bulk of the guesthouses can be found. Tony’s Place is perhaps the most convivial place to have a drink and there are several other Ayutthaya bars within earshot of here that have big screens for sports fans, outside seating and live bands. The Street Lamp and the Jazz Bar are both fun.

Also, some of the hotels that enjoy riverfront locations have pretty terraced bars to relax on and watch the traditional life go by, reminiscent of far quieter times.